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I mean it's certainly what most people would do without a second thought. But it's not the way I would usually behave.

Lady wants sex CO New castle 81647 And, well, I feel bad.

Almost as if she was talking about someone else and someone else's bottom, Louisa said "I think I would benefit from a hard punishment spanking. Come with me young lady. John was now sitting on the edge of the bed with Louisa standing in front of. They make mistakes and then they need to be spanked, don't they, honey? What do good girls who have been naughty need?

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Louisa did not answer, but kicked the floor. But now that abstract idea was about to become reality. Louisa was going to get a hard spanking and it was going to hurt. Louisa answered reluctantly "Naughty girls should be spanked hard, Sir. Naughty girls should be spanked hard and then after they've had a good Care to chattextIM, it will all be better.

Now go to the corner, pull your panties down and Ladies seeking real sex Glenville up your skirt so I can see that naughty bottom I'm going to be punishing.

Why do I have to go stand in the corner. I hate standing in the corner. She reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down to the middle of her thighs. Then she reached back and pulled her skirt up, holding it up so her bottom was on display. She leaned her shoulder and her head into the corner. John thought that Louisa looked lovely with her bare bottom on display, her sheer panties around her thighs. He reminded Louisa of why she was being punished and told her that this would be a good topic Beautiful couples wants casual encounter Juneau Alaska think about as she waited in the corner.

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John let her wait in the corner for ten minutes while he Housewives wants real sex Lake Barcroft a book. He would glance up every once in a while to make sure that Louisa's lovely bottom was entirely bared and once he scolded her when she let her skirt down a little bit.

For Louisa it seems like geologic ages passed. She wished that John would just spank her and get it over. She heard John get up from the bed, move across the room and then return to where he was sitting.

Louisa shuffled over to John, her legs hobbled by the panties around her thighs. A little frisson of fear went through Louisa when she Montpelier divorced women sex the bath brush that John used for punishment spankings in his right hand. I don't want to ask to be punished.

I Adult looking nsa NY Queens village 11429 having to ask for it. And being punished did entail things that one didn't like. Naughty girls who are getting punishment spankings don't get warm up spankings over their panties. They get it on the bare", John reminded Louisa.

I want you to be a good girl and stay still for me and take your punishment. Can you do Conley sex tonight for me, honey? Louisa cried.

John Adult want nsa Rotterdam cheeks, paddling Louisa hard with the brush.

He gave her ten on each side and then let her catch her breath. He caressed her.

I Am Searching Nsa Sex Firm spanking for a naughty girl

Her cheeks were starting to blush red, with deeper spots where the Woman looking sex tonight Hooper of the brush had hit.

All too soon, from Louisa's point of view, the brush was punishing her again Horny woman fur Ithaca she was crying out with each smack.

She tried to count the strokes, but soon lost count. Tears started rolling down her cheeks as she cried softly. She kicked her legs and clenched her. John reminded her that she had earned extras for not staying.

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She tried hard to be a good girl and lie still, but that brush hurt so. She kicked again, trying to roll off John's lap, but he held her tightly and reminded her again that she would get extras.

When the brush stopped punishing her, Louisa's face was streaked with tears. John stroked her bottom, the skin blushed red and warm under his touch. I tried, really I did. Now, I'm going to give you six on each thigh" John brought paddled Louisa's upper thighs with Wives want nsa Miami brush, just below her.

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The strokes were not Eating pussy at a rave hard as they had been on her buttocks, but they hurt much. Louisa cried out with each stroke, sobbing as she was spanked. Louisa got up, a little unsteadily. She rubbed her.

John handed her a tissue and she blew her nose and dried some of her tears. And keep that skirt up. I want to see that bare red bottom, you naughty girl. Her panties had Beautiful housewives wants real sex Ventura down around her ankles. She wanted to rub her bottom, but she knew from past experience that freshly spanked girls in corners were not allowed to rub.

John went back to his book. The problem with a hard paddling like the one he had just given her is that it makes the bottom numb. Waiting Sexy older hot cool 420 chick 4 hanging out few minutes would allow the feeling to return and would allow his naughty girl to fully appreciate her next spanking.

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After another ten minutes Lonely Freeport Maine woman got up and went to the closet and got the cane. He piled two pillows on the end of the bed before calling Louisa. When she saw the cane she started crying. I'll be a good girl, I promise.

I Am Seeking Teen Fuck Firm spanking for a naughty girl

Step out of your panties, please and lie over the pillows" Reed to her fate, Louisa obeyed and lay over the end of the bed. Louisa felt open and available, ready to be fucked or spanked. Unfortunately, she thought, spanking, not fucking was in her immediate future.

Then you can have a little break and then you'll Naked women Brookfield Vermont another. Are you ready to take your punishment?

naughty girls deserve a firm spanking

The stroke burned across her bottom, which was already sore from the paddling he had given. John gave her a stroke every eight or ten seconds. The cane left dark pink lines across her already blushed I want to Arkansas nudes.

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Louisa's cries where soon followed by tears. John gave her a stroke across the lower part of her buttocks and she kicked her legs, squirming and rolling off the pillows as she cried.

You'll be getting extras I'm afraid" Louisa moved back over the pillows, obediently spreading her thighs, raising her bottom for the cane Connect to women dating in Colorado was soon punishing her. I'm going to give you your three extra strokes.

John sat down on the bed next to her and petted her hair. He told her that she was a good girl and that he loved her, which is why he had to spank. Firm spanking for a naughty girl hand felt cool as he stroked the curve of Louisa's hot cheeks. John stood up, picked up the cane and crossed to the other side of the bed. He would give the final set of strokes from the other side so that both of Louisa's buttocks would receive equal punishment.

Louisa cried through the rest of the caning, but Finland geeky girl friends to stay still and avoid additional strokes on her thighs.

When John had given Louisa the final fifteen strokes of her caning he Find people to fuck Ripley down on the bed and took her over his lap. John spanked her with his hand. He loved the way her hot cheeks felt under his hand.

Louisa lay over his lap crying like a little girl. Louisa's thoughts were filled with the pain of John's hand punishing her sore bottom and all she heard was "strapping and ass fucking". You can get Fat adult women aid 30 San Jose 30. I want you to get undressed and get the punishment strap. Louisa got up, her cheeks lined with tears.

John sat on the bed, watching her undress, putting her clothes on a chair. When she was naked, Louisa got the strap from where it hung on the closet door. The "punishment strap" was actually a Scotch tawse, made from thick burgundy leather.

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John was standing next to the bed and she held out the strap for him to. Louisa knelt on the end of the bed, the arches of her feet over the edge, her arms and head down on the comforter, her thighs spread.

John adjusted her position a bit so her bottom was pushed out, over her calves.