about morgan

I'm a 25 year old girl from a small town in Ohio. Most days you can find me working in my home office with a (not so cute) messy bun, yoga pants, and my Australian Shepherd puppy, Ben, at my feet.

I have been a wedding photographer for three years, a blogger for five, and have been dreaming too big since 1992. 

We only have one life,

I believe in making it count.

I went to college to become a History teacher, after a year of studying, I turned in my textbooks and pursued curiosity. Now I travel, explore, and learn anytime I can. (With my camera, of course)

Here's what you should know

bears • beets • battle star galactica

For the most part, I love the simple things in life. Give me a warm cup of coffee, an afternoon walk with my dog, and a good episode of The Office and I'm a happy girl!

That's not too much to ask for right?

drink of choice margartia

i call

ohio home

Michael Scott

is my spirit animal

i'm obsessed with all things

lauren conrad

on my bucket list ireland + paris

Disney World

is my happy place

my perfect
weekend getaway
Charleston, SC

i couldn't live without my

apple products


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My story

you might wanna get comfy...


The world got a little bit better because this dark haired ray of sunshine was born

(at least that's what my momma says).


I graduated high school and wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do with my life, but knew I wanted to make something of myself by my own standards.

In the fall, I enrolled at WSU to become a high school History teacher.

early 2012

I quickly realized being a school teacher wasn't for me, I trusted my gut and pursued curiosity.

In August Dillon proposed, and that's when I really started looking at my life and how I really wanted to spend it.

late 2012

A friend from school asked me to photograph her wedding...I had no portfolio, but she trusted me anyway and I was hooked.


I got a "big girl" job selling semi-truck parts. I spent my spare time practicing photography. I second shot over 25 weddings, attended workshops, and paid for mentorships...all while planning my own wedding. I booked 4 brides for the 2014 wedding season.


On May 17, my life changed forever when I said "I Will" with Dillon.

I photographed my first 4 weddings and in September I was laid off from my full-time job.


I kept hustling in my business and was so addicted I wasn't taking good care of myself or my family.

By the end of the year, I was burnt out and thought about closing up shop.


Today I'm learning how to serve creative women like you in the best ways I know how through my new branding sessions and Biz + Bubbly!

meet the

Anderson Family

We love our cozy home in Ohio. My husband Dillon, my puppy Ben, and my little orange cat Meeko (yes, she is named after the raccoon in Pocahontas), and I enjoy spending our weekends snuggled on the couch.

In high school, Dillon and I became fast friends over Blink-182 and aviators. By the end of my first year of college, we finally got together. (After he cut off his skater hair)

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